Foods to boost your sex drive:

1.       Celery

This is considered a very important food to boost your sex drive. Consumption of celery leads to release of ‘androsterone’. It is an hormone released by ,ale perspiration but it is odourless and affects women just like a champagne bottle or a bunch of roses would affect her. Save on the money and consume some celery.

2.       Maca

A less popular food because it is recently introduced in the western countries. It was known as ‘Naturea Viagra’. Yes the name is shocking but so is its effect. In males it improves sexual performance, sperm count, increase your testosterone and erection dysfunctions. In females it increases fertility and sexual drive.

3.       Pumpkin seeds

These help to produce testosterone in women and helps sustain sex drive in women.  These highly rich in nutrients for your sexual desires and sexual satisfaction.

4.       Saurkrat

Saurkrat consumption makes you sexually active. It has been proved by a survey that 90 percent of men who consumed Saurkrat were sexually more active.

5.       Bananas

This posses an enzyme called ‘bromelain’. It boosts the libido in males. It also increases the energy of the body and also in production of sex  hormone.

6.       Almonds

These are very essential for producing the hormones in males that regulate their sex drive.

7.       Avocado

This helps increase the libido in males and females. It improves  the production of sex hormones in males.


Besides this some other foods, like cardamom, chillies, basil and garlic also help in boosting sex drive. Try out these foods and avoid using artificial supplements or pills like Viagra to improvise your sex life. Keep reading for more such sex tips, that will spice up your sex life.


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